How to Sell a Nozzle

Let's face it...Selling fire nozzles isn't easy


Start by asking your customer these 10 questions

  1. What size inlet (hose coupler) are you looking for?

     ¾”, 1”, 1.5” (1.75”), or 2.5”? Note: 1.5” and 1.75” couplers are the same.

  2. What threads do you use?

    National Standard Hose (NST, NH)


    National pipe straight hose (NPSH, IPT, NPT) 

  3. What type of nozzle would you like?

    Select Gallonage, Constant Gallonage, Automatic Gallonage

  4. What flow rate, G.P.M., and at what pressure, P.S.I.?
  5. Need Foam? What flow rate do you need?
  6. Smooth Bore? What orifice size or flow rate? 
  7. Perhaps you need a ball shutoff-what size inlet do you require?

    1”                                1.5”                             1.5” (1.75”)                 2.5” with 1.5” outlet

    SBV10SS                    SBV15SS                    VB9520NPG              VB9520NPG-2.5

    VB1560                      VB3012                      VB9520                      VB9520-2.5 

  8. What thread do you use?

    National Standard Hose (NST, NH)


    National pipe straight hose (NPSH, IPT, NPT) 

  9. An inexpensive nozzle tip can be added to a ball shutoff

    What Type of nozzle is preferred?

    Dual Range Nozzle                                                                

    Constant Flow Nozzle                                                            

    Smooth Bore Nozzle   

    What size hose are they going to roll?

    MC40 rolls 1” & 1.5” hose

    MC65 rolls 1.5” to 3” hose (this roller can also roll 1” hose with some guidance from the operator)

     *** One mounting bracket (MB) is included with the MC40 and MC65

     THMB trailer hitch mounting bracket is the most popular accessory for these mounts

     MC80 rolls 4” -7” hose

     ***One each Tailboard Mount and Trailer Hitch Mount are included with each unit.

     Extra mounting brackets can be ordered separately

  11. Ready for more? 
  • If they ask for a product similar to our competitors click here