FOAM CARTRIDGES Pack of Two 12" Sticks MODEL # FCA-02

FCA 02
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  • MODEL # FCA-02 - 12" Class A Foam Sticks
  • Each pack contains two 12" Class A Foam Sticks 
  • One 12" stick can treat approximately 400 gallons of water into a foam solution
  • 4ctsm6.gif
  • You will see a light foam solution on dark surfaces
  • 4cxeqp.gif
  • You won't see the foam solution on light surfaces
  • 4cxfh2.gif
  • You see a foam solution when you move from light to dark surfaces
  • Full 12" stick fits into the FGP 12-1 or FGP 12-15 (12" long Foam Gun Proportioner)
  • Break the stick in half to fit FGP 6-1 or FGP 6-15 (6" long Foam Gun Proportioner)
  • Cut the stick into thirds to fit POK style
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